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Rent a yacht in Montenegro – 6 mistakes to avoid

Rent a yacht in Montenegro – 6 mistakes to avoid

In this article I want to tell what things need to be done step by step to work out perfectly in order to make your yacht rental an unforgettable holiday, a childhood dream come true and not to spoil it by minor troubles.

  1. Weather

The first and most important step to take before renting a yacht is to check the weather on the day of the trip. The weather in Montenegro is quite changeable and on a sunny hot day, rain and strong wind are possible. Even a little excitement of the sea can ruin your trip, especially if you are travelling with children. Talk to the captain on this issue to find out what day the sea will be exactly calm. And you can check the weather by yourself; the best way to check weather forecast is to visit site

  1. What is better to rent in Montenegro – Motor or Sail?

The choice in such a delicate matter is up to you, but we will list the advantages and disadvantages of both options.

The most predominant point of motor yachts is velocity. You can ride at tremendous speed cutting the sea. The disadvantage of renting a motor yacht is a higher rental cost and fuel cost in comparison with the sailboat. Plus, a motor yacht has its distinctive noise of engine. Even with the most modern sound insulation, the noise and vibration of a powerful motor is felt quite strongly.

A considerable advantage of sailing yachts is their noiselessness. If you rent a sailing yacht, you will only hear the sound of water flowing around the hull of the boat.

The level of pitching on sailboats is much lower because the keel is used as a stabilizer and dampens excitement. On modern motor yachts, pitching reduction is achieved through the use of special systems, but the result is not always perfect.

These are two different types of yachts for people with two different life philosophies. Powerboats are for pragmatists, who like to take everything from life right now and value their time. Renting a sailing yacht in Montenegro is more suitable for people who adore the sea, romantics and people who love nature.

  1. Captain

An important factor for a yacht charter is communication with the captain. You are going to spend a full day together in a small area so it is important to find a common language. Even better if it is not only polite communication with the captain, but an interesting mini-tour on the yacht as well.

Of course, the captain is not a professional licensed guide and he may not know the historical things. However, he is going to report the trip plan, behavior on the yacht, interesting places you are going to visit. Good communication will make your voyage safe and interesting.


  1. Routes

There are two main routes for a one-day yacht rental in Montenegro:

  1. Budva – St. Nikola-St.Stefan-Petrovac – Budva.
  2. Boka-Kotor Bay and surroundings. Tivat-Kotor-the Island of the Virgin on the reef-Blue Cave-Tivat.

Pros and cons of both routes:

The most appropriate option is one closer to the place you stay.

In the Bay of Kotor there are more historical sights and mountain scenery (Kotor, Herceg Novi, the Island of Virgin on the reef), less wind and pitching, bigger choice of restaurants for a lunch stop. It is a trip inside the bay. The cost of yacht rental in the bay will be lower.

Budva and its surroundings have its charms. This route will delight you with beautiful small-pebble beaches, the famous sandy beach Yaz, Budva panorama, St. Nikolas island and, of course, the cult place in Montenegro – St. Stephen peninsula. But storms are much more frequent here than in the bay because it is a trip at the open sea.

One more option to choose is Bar Riviera direction. This is a trip at the open sea: swimming at the famous Royal Beach, fish restaurants in Petrovac, Lucice beach.

Then, it all depends on your preferences which of these three different routes to enjoy.

  1. Some stuff you may need to take on board when renting a yacht in Montenegro

In the evening, it is chilly on the yacht even in summer, you may need some light outerwear with long sleeves or jacket in case of rain.

In the daytime you can get sunburned even on a cloudy day, on water you can barely feel it. So a sunscreen is worth taking. Sunglasses, a hat with a string would be helpful as well, it will not fly away into the sea.

Fins, mask and snorkel, in many places the sea is beautiful with clear water.

Medication to treat prevention of motion sickness, if you need it.

  1. Meals on the yacht

Every day my guests ask me this question: where get a better meal during a yacht trip in Montenegro?

There are two options.

First one: on the way to the yacht go to a supermarket, pick a wine, fruits, cheese, whatever you want. In bigger supermarkets you can find meals-ready-to-eat.

Second one: you stop next to the restaurants, there are lots of them on the coast, go ashore and eat there. Local restaurants will always delight you with fresh seafood, meat and a wide variety of dishes. Price of lunch in restaurants is about 15 euros (per person) for meat menu and 25 euros for fish menu.

You need to bear in mind that lunch in a restaurant usually takes 2-2.5 hours, with mooring a yacht, waiting for the order and disembarking guests. For a one-day rental it is quite a lot of time.

If you read carefully the article and take into consideration these items then your trip will be wonderful vivid event in your life that you will remember for a long time.

See you on the yacht in Montenegro! 



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