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Some clues how to rent a yacht properly in Montenegro

I have been renting yachts in Montenegro for many years, in every season I deal with lot of clients, if you love sea holidays and if you decided to rent a yacht in Montenegro with a captain for a day or more, then it would be good for you to prepare for your journey by reading this article.

  1. Weather


Montenegro is a country with very changeable weather, strong wind and rain are possible at any time of the year. According to the international yacht rules, in case of bad weather, the caution will not be returned, therefore, in order not to spoil your trip, before paying for the reservation – check the weather.

Do not think that the choppy sea – it is nothing. For people with non-trained vestibular apparatus, only the first hour will be a pleasure, then you may need a pill for seasickness. Be especially careful with alcohol in this case. 

Of course, it is better to check the weather before renting a yacht on the specialized sites, such as and pay attention to the force of the wind (waves).

  1. English-language captain


In my experience there were a lot of one-day yacht charters in Montenegro, where everything was perfect: weather, new yacht, interesting route, but not communication. The captain and guests need to understand each other to make your voyage as comfortable as possible. Then he will be able to answer questions during the trip such as: “What are our plans? Where are we going now? What is the stop duration? What is that curious thing in the distance? How much is lunch in a restaurant and what is better to order?

Of course, the captain is not a licensed guide and cannot give a historical background. However, there are things he is good at: names of places, jokes, funny experience from trips – all these moments will make your rent of a yacht in Montenegro more enjoyable.

  1. Which route is better to choose when renting a yacht in Montenegro


There are two main routes for a one-day yacht rental in Montenegro:

  1. Budva – St. Nikola-St.Stefan-Petrovac – Budva.
  2.  Boka-Kotor Bay and surroundings. Tivat-Kotor-the Island of the Virgin on the reef-Blue CaveTivat.

Pros and cons of both routes:

  1. The most appropriate option is one closer to the place you live. No need to travel by car in the morning from Budva to the Bay and back.
  2. In the Bay of Kotor there are more historical sights (Kotor, Herceg Novi, the Island of the Virgin on the reef), less wind and sea legs, bigger choice of restaurants for a lunch stop. The cost of yacht rental in the bay will be lower.
  3. Budva and its surroundings have its charms. This route will delight you with beautiful small-pebble beaches, the island of Sveti Stefan – the visiting card of Montenegro. But storms are much more frequent here than in the bay.
  4. Sail or motor yacht?

Which one is better? Renting a sailing yacht or a motorboat is an eternal question. These are two different types of people, motorists and sailers, two different life philosophies.

Motor yachts in Montenegro ensure quick transport connection to all major attractions. It is speed, drive, wind in the face! However, there are also disadvantages: engine noise, much greater pitching than that of sailing ships, rental price about 30-35% higher due to fuel consumption.


Sailing yachts in Montenegro are more slow-moving, although they are equipped with a small engine. They have a spacious flat deck where you can sunbathe, there is a fully equipped kitchen and shower, even in the economy version. This is a comfortable apartment on the water for romantics. You will walk quietly and admire the scenery. The only noise you will hear is sound of the waves. The cost of renting a sailing yacht you will find below.

Sailing catamaran in Montenegro has the properties similar to a sailing yacht. Besides, it is more stable, has higher speed and twice the size of the deck. When renting a catamaran, you will have at least four double cabins for eight people.


What to choose – it is up to you.

  1. Meals on the yacht


My guests often ask me if it is better to make a stop for lunch at a restaurant or take food with you on the yacht.


According to my experience, in order to celebrate an important, significant event it is better to make a stop at a restaurant. There are plenty of them on the coast.


If there is no solemn event, and you just want to enjoy a boat trip and a snack, then you do not need to stop at the restaurant. After all, from your 8 hour trip you will spend at least 3 hours there. Bring with you fruit, meat and cheese chopped, water, white wine, juice to the boat. That will be enough. People are usually more thirsty than hungry in the heat on the water. Moreover, the cost will be lower than going to a restaurant.

The largest choice of yacht rental in Montenegro is on this site

All of the above are my personal observations from the long-term experience of renting yachts in Montenegro, it is becoming more and more popular every year.


There are a lot of reasons for this:

– The increasing popularity of Montenegro as a tourist destination among European tourists.

– Only your individual program when renting a yacht. You can swim, fish, sunbathe in bays with nobody else.

– Large number of comfortable, modern, new ships at a reasonable price will make your sea trip unforgettable.

– The desire of tourists to try new types of recreation, after a bored stay at the hotel.

– The growing popularity of active holiday.

If you need to rent a yacht in Budva or find a guide in Montenegro – fill in the application at the bottom of the page!


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