Yacht and boat rental in Montenegro – full overview

  1. Yacht rent in Montenegro – vacation on the sea!
  2. What you need to know before renting.
  3. Rent a sailing yacht or motor boat?
  4. Rent a yacht for one day – things to see?
  5. Long-term yacht charter in Montenegro.
  6. Charter a yacht with or without a skipper?
  7. Photoshoot on a yacht.
  8. Birthday and other holidays on a yacht.
  9. Exclusive holiday on a yacht.
  10. The process of renting a yacht in Montenegro.
  11. How much does it cost to rent a yacht in Montenegro?
  12. Yacht charter in Budva.
  13. Yacht charter in Tivat.
  14. Yacht charter in Kotor.
  15. Rent a catamaran in Montenegro – what makes it different from a yacht?
  16. Boat rental in Montenegro – which one to choose?
  17. Fishing in Montenegro from a boat.
  18. Fish picnic on a boat.
  19. Mountain river rafting in Montenegro.
  20. What other leisure activities are there in Montenegro?
  21. Where to rent a yacht or a boat in Montenegro?

When arriving in Montenegro for holidays, we spend the first days on the beach enjoying the sea and the sunshine. Then tired of hanging around, we are looking for adventures, we are keen to get to know the country, to get a new experience … Some go on excursions, some go to the mountains … But sooner or later everybody starts thinking about a sea trip and has overwhelming desire to rent a yacht in Montenegro! Or maybe not even a yacht but just a fishing boat to feel in the arms of the gentle Adriatic and to fully enjoy the lulling cradle of the waves, relax and say to yourself: – Yeah, that is what I call a good vacation on the sea!

Under this article we will study the “uncharted islands” and “pitfalls” of renting various boats in Montenegro – yachts (sailing and motor), catamarans, boats (speed and fishing) and even boats. make yourself comfortable, brew a nice cup of tea and … raise the anchor!


Yacht rent in Montenegro – vacation on the sea!

Rent a yacht (boat, catamaran) – this is primarily another quality of vacation in Montenegro! The reason is plenty of tourists have a rest in Montenegro during the season – official beaches are crowded, excursions are overcrowded, routes and all interesting places are teeming with tourists. Add to this the summer heat and … it turns out that you can return from a land excursion by far not always rested.


That is why renting a yacht, catamaran or boat can be an excellent alternative to traditional land recreation for many reasons. We will only give a few examples:

The sea is large and not as crowded as the seaside;

From the sea you will take in the view of Montenegro as you will never see it from anywhere else on the coast;

Some of the sights of Montenegro like the Kotor fortress, the island of the Virgin, the island of Mamula, the Blue Cave are better to get acquainted with from the sea;

No matter how hot the weather is, there is always the opportunity to stop and plunge into the sea;

In the high season, you do not feel packed like sardines only on wild beaches, where access is mainly by sea;

By renting a classic sailing yacht or a luxury motor yacht you can do a decent photoshoot that is sure to impress your friends and colleagues;

Renting a yacht or boat for an excursion along the coast is often not more expensive than land excursions in Montenegro with all the above advantages!


What you need to know before renting

When you are ready to rent a yacht in Montenegro, you need to settle the following points and give this information when booking:


1) The purpose of your trip? It can be a walk along the coast or a visit to a wild beach for one day. Or maybe you want to go on a voyage for a few days? Or maybe you are fond of fishing, want to go to the open sea to fish and return home with a valuable trophy?

2) When are you planning to rent a yacht? This is an important question because in high season all yachts and boats, catamarans and boats have practically every hour filled in advance. For your sea trip to take place and be accurately planned, it is better to book a yacht in advance as soon as this idea comes to mind, then you are able to choose the best time.

3) Where is it convenient for you to start your adventure from? Traditionally, most yachts and boats are moored in the marinas of Budva, Tivat and Kotor. This should be considered when planning a trip on a yacht.

4) How many people are expected to be on board? It is worth paying attention that the number of people depends on the selected vessel. Do you want to have a fun party on a big yacht or just enjoy the sea breeze in the group of close friends …

5) Do you prefer to rent a sailing or a motor yacht? Each option has its own strengths, which will be considered below.


Rent a sailing yacht or motor boat?

Rent a sailing yacht in Montenegro


1) Romance. Sailing boat is associated with the times of Ladies and Gentlemen, brave discoverers of new lands, exciting works of Jules Verne, brave and uncompromising heroes of those distant romantic times …

2) Noiselessness. Sailing, listening to sound of the wind, splashing of waves, creaking of sails and seagulls squawking… Only you and the sea! And no motor noise !!

3) Photo shoot under a white sail! What can be more sophisticated and cause more emotions than romantic-style photographs? Sea, coast, rigging of a sailing yacht, sailboat’s wheel and you – happy and tanned!

4) Unique experience. The opportunity to learn how to sail, raise / lower sails, knit sea knots, feel like a captain and a sailor-boy at the same time, and proudly say: “I went sailing!”.

5) Price. Renting a sailing yacht is cheaper than a motor yacht.



1) Dependence on the wind. But fortunately, many sailing yachts are equipped with a motor.

2) Fishing is impossible from sailing yachts.


Rent a motor yacht in Montenegro


1) Power and speed. If you like to cut the sea with the wind in your face, feel the power of hundreds of horsepower in a steel edition – a high-speed motor yacht is your choice.

2) Independence from the wind. Unlike a sailing yacht, a yacht with a “motor” can move in any direction and even in a flat calm sea.

3) Photo shoot in a modern style. The sophisticated contours of a modern motor yacht organically complement the beauty of a tanned half-naked body and serves as an excellent background for a memorable photo shoot.


4) Experience in steering a high-speed yacht. Feeling the drive of controlling a powerful mechanism and racing through the waves against the force of nature is a worthy experience for real men and … women! It will undoubtedly be an enjoyable experience.

5) Sea fishing from a motor yacht. We go to the open sea, find the place and fish for our pleasure. With sailing yachts, we’re not supposed to fish from them!




1) The noise of the motor.

2) Restriction of staying in the high seas with fuel supply.

3) Higher rental cost comparing to a sailing boat.


Rent a yacht for one day – things to see

The most popular type of holiday at sea is a one-day yacht charter. How can you spend this day with benefit, get the maximum of positive emotions, what to see?

Boka Kotor Bay. This is the most-popular sea excursion in Montenegro! There are a lot of reasons for this:

1) There are many good things to see here, it is one of the most beautiful excursions in Montenegro! The majestic shape of the surrounding mountains of Boka, the ancient city of Kotor, the islands of the Virgin and Mamula, a medieval view of coastal cities, a visit to the Blue Cave …;

2) Waves are not as big in the bay as in the open sea, and the issue of motion sickness is close to zero.

3) The opportunity to see at close range one of the ocean liners which often visit the Bay of Kotor so that their passengers could wander through the old streets of Kotor.

4) The opportunity to taste fresh-caught mussels and fish as a gastronomic bonus to the bewitching beauties of this boat trip.

Excursion along the coast with visits to wild beaches

The refreshing coolness of sea water in a hot day, swimming in the open sea. The opportunity to enjoy the views of the Montenegrin coast from the sea which are not available for the eyes of most “land” vacationers.

Celebrate a festive occasion on a yacht

Celebrating a birthday, wedding, corporate event or any other significant event on a yacht will be much more interesting than say in a restaurant, and will produce more unforgettable impressions.

Photoshoot on a yacht

Stylish and bright photos taken on board of a sophisticated sailing or luxury motor yacht will organically replenish your portfolio on social networks.

Fishing from a motor yacht or fishing boat

We usually start early in the morning or in the afternoon. The process lasts several hours, actually it depends on the seasonality and on how many fish you want to catch.


Long-term yacht charter in Montenegro

If you love the sea and you have a desire to go on a multi-day sea voyage then a long charter will be the best solution for you. That is the perfect opportunity to visit several wonderful places or even countries at a time.

Yacht charter for several days or even weeks is possible by prior arrangement. Contact us in advance and you will receive the best offers in Montenegro.

Charter a yacht with or without a skipper?


Photo shoot on a yacht

Going on vacation, in addition to new sensations and personal discoveries, everyone expects to bring colorful photographs that are needed not only for a “family album”, but to impress friends and colleagues and share on social media.

You can easily combine business with pleasure – relax on a yacht, swim in the open sea and in the meantime arrange a photo shoot on board of a sailing or motor yacht!

Perhaps you are comfortable with marine romance? Photo session aboard a sailing yacht, under a white sail. Only you, the yacht and the sea – what can be better? Or maybe you are attracted to the luxury of a modern motor yacht with its sophisticated and stylish geometry? Whatever you choose, you will get amazing pictures!

You can make a photo session on a yacht by yourself, just ask the captain to take some spectacular photos or take a professional photographer with you on board. The photos will be the envy of all your friends, take my word for it.


Birthday and other holidays on a yacht

A lot of us dream to celebrate a birthday or other solemn occasion of our life in a special way, not in a trivial manner.

Here is a solution – celebrate your birthday on a yacht!

You can organize a buffet table, a banquet, thematic evening or a romantic dinner.

Do you think it will be expensive?

1) The first option: Sailing ship “Assol”. With capacity of up to 19 passengers and romantic antique decor, it is perfect for celebration and photo shoot.

Celebrating your birthday on this ship will cost you only 35 euros per person.

What is the price compriced of: rent a yacht – 170 euros per hour; rent for 4 hours = 680 euros. Divide the total price by 19 guests, it makes 35 euros per person! Naturally, you add the cost of food. Anyway, the price is competing with the restaurant fees!

But what restaurant cancompare to celebrating a birthday under sail on a ship !

2) The second option is a vacation on a sailing yacht by multiple families.

Dufour 46 is a new sailing yacht for 12 people. The opportunity to learn how to sail is extra bonus for this boat.

Renting cost is 490 euros for the whole day, that means 41 euros per person. The price can be compared with a group tour.

Also, there are other options for yachts and vessels for special occasions with more or less guests – contact us and we will offer you the best solution.


Exclusive holiday on a yacht

Unlike sea group excursions, renting entirely a yacht allows you to enjoy the exclusivity of this type of vacation.

When you have a yacht with a captain at your disposal, you are not attached to the place and suggestions of other people – you can organize your vacation just the way you want. For instance, you can go to a wild beach and enjoy a secluded vacation or go swimming directly from the yacht into the high seas …

The process of renting a yacht in Montenegro

Yacht charter in Montenegro – stepwise instruction:


Step 1. Complete the following information: for what purpose you want to rent a yacht (excursion, fishing, solemn occasion, etc. …), how many people plan to go, the date, the starting point (settlement), the type of yacht (sailing, motor).

Step 2. Send a request on our website in a way convenient for you: by phone (Viber, WhatsApp) or via the feedback form. In the application, specify the information from paragraph 1, name and your contact details.

Step 3. We process your application and send the confirmation. No prepayment!

Step 4. We keep in touch, provide you with all the necessary information. The day you go we call and you leave for the yacht’s mooring place.

Step 5. Upon arrival, you get acquainted with the captain, pay him the cost of renting a yacht and start your voyage!


How much does it cost to rent a yacht in Montenegro?

The cost of renting a yacht in Montenegro depends on the following parameters:

  1. Type of yacht – sailing or motor. Motor yachts are usually more expensive, because the cost of rent also includes the cost of fuel.
  2. Yacht size – the number of people that a yacht can take on board.
  3. Yacht class – renting a simpler yacht will cost much cheaper than renting a Premium segment yacht. But the impressions are different.
  4. The seasonality and duration of the lease.

More detailed information on the availability and the cost of yachts is presented on the main page of the site YahtavChernogorii.com


Yacht charter in Budva

Budva is the tourist capital of Montenegro. It is not surprising that the largest number of applications for yacht rental in Montenegro comes from this city and the nearest satellites – Becici and Rafailovici.

Renting a yacht in Budva, sailing or motor, is the best solution for a boat trip along the Budva Riviera. The route may be as follows: Budva – Becici – Rafailovici – St. Stefan – Petrovac – Bulyaritsa Beach – St. Nikola Island – Jaz Beach – return to Budva. Changes or additions to the route are possible, at the request of guests.

Booking a yacht is better to do in advance, because in high season yachts for rent in Budva are scheduled by the hour.


Yacht charter in Tivat

In Tivat there is the largest variety and selection of mooring yachts in Montenegro! We offer for rent sailing yachts and motor yachts of small and medium size – for a romantic trip for two or four, or a small group up to 10-12 people.

Luxury motor yachts of Premium segment are offered for rent. For example, one of the best yachts in Montenegro of the royal comfort level is Princess 62.

Also, there are yachts available for relaxing under a sail. Renting a sailing yacht in Tivat is not expensive and it gives a lot of positive emotions and impressions!

If someone in your group is sensitive to pitching, which is rare in Boko-Kotor Bay, unlike the open sea, we recommend to pay attention to renting a catamaran – it is more stable on water.

The most popular boat trip from Tivat is the entire Boka Kotorska Bay and the open sea around it: Tivat – Perast – St. George’s Island – Virgin Island – Verige – Kotor – Flower Island – St. Marco Island – submarine bunker – Herceg -Novi – Zanice Beach – Mamula Island – Blue Cave and back.

In case of renting a yacht for more than one day, the itinerary is prepared according to the wishes of the guests.


Yacht charter in Kotor

Kotor attracts many tourists with its ancient sights, and even huge ocean liners call at the port of this small town to introduce thousands of its passengers to the unique pearl of the Bay of Kotor.

A large number of yachts are moored in Kotor, and Kotor is included as a must see object in the program of many excursion routes.

If you rent a yacht in Kotor, the most complete and popular itinerary looks like this: Kotor – Perast – St. George’s Island – Virgin Island – Verige – Tivat – Flower Island – St. Marco Island – submarine bunker – Herceg Novi – Zanice Beach – Mamula Island – Blue Cave and back.

The route can be changed according to your wishes and preferences.


Rent a catamaran in Montenegro

What makes it different from a yacht?

1) Unlike a single-hull yacht, a catamaran is more stable on water – it practically does not lurch in a side wind. This increases the safety and comfort of a boat trip on a catamaran – passengers get less seasick in the open sea, bottles and dishes do not fly around the deck. Due to its design, the catamaran is almost unsinkable, which is especially important when navigating in the high seas.

2) A small draught of the catamaran hull allows you to approach closer to the shore in shallow water, which can be very useful when visiting wild beaches.

3) More comfort. A catamaran is like a small house on the water – it has more cabins, wider decks, a longer cockpit (tailgate), more space, and therefore comfort.

4) Improved navigation. After sustainability, this is probably the main advantage over single-hull yachts. On average, a catamaran can reach a speed 25% higher than an ordinary yacht with similar characteristics, and with a maximum tailwind it can reach up to 100%, which means it can go almost 2 times faster! This is an undeniable advantage for long transitions.


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